Friday, November 20, 2015

Hominy, chorizo

Eastside Road, November 19, 2015—
NOT MUCH MORE need be written here; the subject of hominy and sausage has been pretty well covered. The hominy, I remind you, is canned; the sausage tonight is, once again, Franco Dunn's — a "green chorizo" this time, so called for its generous inclusion of herbs. Cook sprinkled chopped parsley on top, and served it to the partial extended family (one child's line, four generations in all). Green salad afterward, and then ice cream and salt-caramel sauce (thank you, Alma Chocolate of Portland, Oregon). Best thing of the evening: watching a one-year-old respond gleefully to chorizo, vinaigrette, bread-and-mashed-garlic, ice cream…
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