Sunday, November 1, 2015


San Francisco, October 30, 2015—
A QUIET CONVERSATIONAL pre-theater supper with an old friend tonight at one of the many new restaurants to try in this city. Its name is Spanish for "cinnamon," and that element was present in my main plate, Pinchos Morunos of pork, smallish cubes of tenderloin, marinated, skewered, and grilled, served with a complex, rather deep, very tasty mix of piquillo marmalade and a chiffonade of fried onion and zucchini. 

I started with a variation on Caesar salad that substituted Manchego for Parmesan, white boquerones for the more usual salt anchovies, and added fried garlic chips, sliced toasted almonds, bits of orange segment, and crumbled hard-boiled egg.  Good; but I prefer the classic. 

Dessert! Cinnamon-coffee gelato with caramel and whipped cream: delicious. 

Rosé: Sinfo Rosado, Cigales, 2013: Tempanillo:  Caudum, Rioja, 2009, dark, solid, fruity, mature
• Canela Bistro and Wine Bar, 2272 Market Street,  San Francisco; 415-552-3000
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