Saturday, December 2, 2017

Pork chops ma façon

Eastside Road, December 2, 2017—
NO DOUBT THEY'VE figured here a few times already, I've been posting this blog so many years… pork chops the way I cook them. You salt them when you get them home, of course, and wrap them loosely back in the paper they came in, and let them rest in the refrigerator.

Then you rub their beautiful white fat into a black iron skillet, and heat it well. Then you set them in the skillet to brown.

You pound garlic, salt, and fennel seeds in a mortar, and spread half that salve on the uncooked top surfaces of the chops. Drizzle a little olive oil on. Turn them when the underside's nicely browned, and spread the rest of the mixture on the new top surface.

I cooked some potatoes in salt, pepper, and olive oil in another skillet.

And I cooked sliced-lengthwise leeks and carrots in another pan, with water, olive oil, salt and pepper.

(I forgot: I like to grate some lemon zest onto the chops. Oh well: next time.)

     🍷Cheap Pinot grigio (it's nice to be home)

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louann said...

It's interesting to me how many people don't have a preference for pork chops. Since I was very young, this was my favorite meal - usually with cream of mushroom soup, but my mom had some ideas of her own and would slice and braise some onions which went on top ultimately. Maybe the problem was I grew up in beef country. When asked about what I wanted this was it. Still today, and with many modifications now, I love pork chops.