Monday, April 3, 2017

Rigatoni con fave e salsiccia

Via Damaso Cerquetti, April 3, 2017—
FIRST GOOD DINNER since Friday, restoring me nearly back to normal. And as usual I didn't think of photography until almost too late, so the first course is missing: a warm salad I made by first roasting, then peeling and cutting into strips a couple of beautiful peppers, one yellow, one red, and then very slowly softening them, salted, in olive oil with a couple of onions sliced quite thin. We both thought immediately on tasting them that anchovies were missing. Yes, and parsley. Next time.

Cook fixed the pasta, crumbling nice sausages from the corner butcher, sauteeing them with a bit of garlic, adding the favas and tossing them with the pasta. Delicious enough to warrant a name: alla Cerquetti, perhaps?
     Cortese, Aziende Vinicola Valle Erro (Piemonte), 2015: frizzante and clean
     Masi, Campofiorin, 2013: fruity and rich (Thanks, Hamza)
     Cheap Nero d'Avola, 2015
(Five of us at table)

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François said...

Dear Charles (Charlie?),

I'll try that pasta recipe soon. I wish you have regained some forces by now and can enjoy quietly April in Rome.

François (from Paris)