Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Salmon before another road trip

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Eastside Road, December 18, 2016—
PERHAPS YOU GUESSED from a three-day absence that we have been continuing to plow our way through an endless couscous. Tonight, however, the couscousière turned out to be empty, and Cook reached into the freezer for a salmon steak she suspected of hiding out.

It was, as you might also guess, a little dry. We agreed that the best thing to do with such an item would be to make a chowder. (I think you could turn it into a nice paté, too, but chowder's okay with me.)

With it, romanesco and lightly steam-sautéed leeks and carrots, one of my favorite vegetable dishes. Green salad.

Cheap Tuscan red, "Ocarossa," pleasant enough

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