Sunday, December 4, 2016

Back to Tetrazzini

Eastside Road, December 4, 2016—
FOR PHOTO, SEE day before yesterday, when we had the first half of Cook's turkey Tetrazzini. Many dishes improve with a day or two; this one, I think, does not. Don't get me wrong: it tasted fine tonight, and perhaps deeper or richer. Certainly the mushrooms benefited a bit. But the freshness was off, somehow. I think this may have to do with the breadcrumb topping: it would be interesting to isolate that component. But the hell with it: we finished the thing, and can now get on with life.

Green salad afterward, and then the last of Ivo's ice cream. Have I mentioned that? Ivo, our youngest grandchild, had made a whiskey-honey ice cream for the family Thanksgiving dinner a week ago. Its flavor has deepened in the intervening time, and the texture hasn't suffered. I hope he continues; the fabrication of ice cream has a glorious past in his family, and he's just the guy to continue it forward…

Timorasso, Derthona (Piemonte), 2014: oh what a lovely wine.

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