Thursday, September 10, 2015

Salami sandwich

Eastside Road, September 9, 2015—
WHAT WITH ONE THING and another we've been eating irregularly these last couple of weeks, and today was no exception. Lunch was in the café in the San Francisco Exploratorium: macaroni and cheese, lemon polenta cake, a glass of chardonnay. Later, to kill time that the commute rush might settle down, ice cream at a favorite San Francisco institution, where I had a ginger-beer float, with ginger ice cream — delicious and bracing.

No one in a mood to shop for or cook dinner, so we had salami sandwiches. I split hamburger buns we'd got free for the taking at Brody's yesterday — they were day old, so given away — and sprinkled the cut surfaces with olive oil, then toasted them in black iron skillets, ultimately flattening them between the skillets. (You put the buns in the larger skillet, then set the smaller one — heated, of course — on top of them.)

Dry salami, sliced Zebra green tomatos, a leaf or two of lettuce. Basta così.
Rosé, Ch. Guilhem, as before
•The Ice Cream Bar, 815 Cole Street, San Francisco; 415-742-4932
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