Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mexican? Italian?

Hollywood, September 20, 2015—
NO PHOTOS TODAY: they would have been misleading. Disgusting, I started to typed.

We started the day in Santa Maria, where I breakfasted, early, at Starbuck's, with a caffelatte and a croissant. They aren't superb, but they're serviceable. And a book. That lasted two hours, from 7 to 9, while waiting for others to come to life.

Lunch was at a Mexican place we like, and were introduced to by friends who also like it, and who joined us there. I had a rather nice enchilada de pollo con mole, a dry guacamole, and a couple of Modelos.

•Taqueria Cuernavaca, 1117 N Ventura Avenue, Ventura, California; (805) 653-8052

Tonight's motel is around the corner from a place I've wanted to return to for sixty years, since my college days here — but Musso and Frank is closed on Sundays; Mondays too; so once again I'm disappointed. Driving here, though, I noticed an electric sign for an Italian restaurant said to have been a favorite of Frank Sinatra's, so I thought it would make a decent substitute.

Not being very hungry I settled for a Martini (we'd skipped one on Friday, and they're fungible) and a Caesar salad. The salad would have been okay except that the Parmesan had that taste it gets if it's been in plastic wrap and you don't throw out the part next to the wrap. This bears looking into, it's an interesting problem; but tonight is not the time.
•Miceli's Restaurant, 1646 Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood; 323-466-3438; 20 Sept. 2015
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