Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fava soup

Eastside Road, December 18, 2014—
COOK'S BEEN CLEANING out the stocks, preparing perhaps for the new year. The freezer has room enough now to chill our Martini glasses; you can almost see the back of the refrigerator, you can even find space on the pantry shelves to set something down when you're looking behind vinegar bottles or saucepans or packages of tea or a jar of honey.

The other day she came out of the pantry with a package of dried favas; no idea where they came from, or how long they've been there. What to do with them? Why not go to the Internet for an idea?

Epicurious produced a recipe involving onion, garlic, olive oil, pepper, cumin, coriander, allspice, canned tomatoes, broth, rice, chopped pistachios, and yogurt. What luck! Everything was on hand except, of course, the yogurt, which is not to the personal taste of anyone in this house. Cook substituted a bit of cayenne, which seems reasonable to me. The texture was delicious; the spices conspired nicely; there's a little left for lunch.

Green salad afterward, and a little Point Reyes blue cheese…
"Guadagni" red from the three-liter jug, Preston of Dry Creek, tasty

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