Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bastille Day

Berkeley, July 14, 2010—

BASTILLE DAY at Chez Panisse is a tradition we try to maintain no matter what, so we made the trek. Lindsey peeled garlic with the other volunteers while I chilled out with a book; then we had dinner:

Basil gelée with tomatoes and aïoli
Tomales Bay bouillabaisse
(I had roasted pepper soup with rouïlle, avoiding crustaceans)
Suckling pig with wild fennel, new garlic, haricots verts, and corn pudding
Peach-leaf ice cream and nectarine sherbet coupe with summer berries

Bandol rosé, Domain Tempier
Sancerre, Louis Crochet, 2007
Arbois, le Brin de Chèvre, 2008
Bourgueil, Catherine & Pierre Breton, 2007
(little sips only)


Giovanna said...

Um, that all sounds wonderful. You timed your recovery perfectly!

Giovanna said...
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Charles Shere said...

Time will tell.