Monday, September 7, 2015


Tri tip
Eastside Road, September 6, 2015—
STEAK ON THE GRILL tonight. "Tri-tip" is still a neologism to me: we used to call it a bottom sirloin. Cut a couple of inches thick, with very little fat (as you see), it grills perfectly. I salted it on both sides when I got it home, then made a bowl of guacamole in my usual way, then made the vinaigrette for the salad, then built a little fire of grape and rose wood, with a few branches of dry rosemary.

When the fire had burned down to coals I seared the steak close to the heat, then moved the grill up to finish it, sprinkling thyme on each side. When cooked to my taste, which as you see is saignant, I buttered it, then let it rest before slicing it.

Cook made another potato salad, which was quite delicious; and we had the green salad; and poached pears afterward. A fine supper for a hot day.
Garnacha/Monastrell, Laya (Almansa), Old Vines, 2013
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