Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Eastside Road, September 8, 2015—
WE ARE ENTERTAINING a houseguest this week and next, a fourteen-year-old nephew from Australia visiting this country for the first time. His American-born godfather had provided him with a list of things he must experience in order to savor the American scene fully, and we managed to take care of two of them today.

They provided the Principle Meal of the Day, which anchored the very hot afternoon. A hamburger, with tomato, onion, dill pickle, and mayonnaise, garnished with garlic fries; and a Dr. Pepper. The burger didn't surprise him: I have a hunch they have such things in Australia. Dr. Pepper, however, was a pleasant surprise to him. He'd been expecting it to taste of cola, like the other three popular American drinks, at least one of which he's apparently tasted as he professed to dislike it.

Dr. Pepper, though, seems to be flavored with cherries and/or maybe prunes, and is (I think) less intensely carbonated, providing a somewhat subtler, more sophisticated, perhaps less adolescent satisfaction than do the colas.

We didn't stop for dessert — we'd had a milkshake yesterday; no need to repeat it today.
beer (I don't dislike Dr. Pepper, but find it an odd companion with meat)
•Brody's Burgers and Brews, 3135 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa, California; 707-526-4878
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