Friday, August 14, 2015

Pasta con pesto

Eastside Road, August 14, 2015—
WE'RE LEANING IN to a difficult week; I won't say any more about it until next Sunday. Maybe not even until the day after that. Suffice it to say our attention is elsewhere and we are not really concentrating at the moment on our meals.

That said, I must say Cook gave a little time to some beautiful yellow bell peppers à la grecque tonight; a dish I'm slightly more likely to prepare, I think, than she usually is. She got down that nice iron grill I bought years ago at a flea market in Barjols, and roasted the peppers over one of the burners, then peeled them, sliced them, and put them in olive oil for an hour or two. With heritage tomatoes, absolutely delicious.

Afterward. penne al pesto — surprising how well that pesto is holding up — and the green salad.
"Bianco", Grifonie (Italy). This is apparently half Zibbibo, half Riesling; therefore just a little bit sweet, which I think works well with pesto (or any garlic-heavy preparation not involving meat). It's cheap. It works.
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louann said...

Hang in there - seems like one of those times - know you're not alone in figuring out how to traverse through difficult situations. My list of people has gotten quite long in the last few months. My best to you both.

Charles Shere said...

thanks for this; it is appreciated.