Monday, August 17, 2015

A perfect day

Eastside Road, August 16, 2015—
AN INCREDIBLY HOT day today, up to 108°; but lots of work done: re-hung the gate to hinge it on the other side; worked further on the field; repaired a broken water supply only to reveal yet another leak to be repaired tomorrow or next day; began an electrification project long considered and longer postponed.

And then had the new neighbors to dinner — a granddaughter, her man, their baby. Tri-tip on the grill, and Jimmy Nardello and Alhambra peppers. I think the tri-tip, whatever it is, is foolproof: you need only salt it all around on getting it home from the meat-market, re-wrap it loosely in its paper, then perhaps oil it a bit before putting it over the coals.

Jimmy Nardello, whoever he was, was either a genius or a saint, perhaps both, to have come up with his sweet, pungent, unique peppers. Again: all you need is olive oil and salt and a good heat source.

And then Cook's potatoes with rosemary, olive oil, and garlic; and some sliced Zebra tomatoes; and a good green salad with an avocado afterward; and then ice cream with Lou's strawberries… and such great company and conversation… and a kerosene lamp on the table at the end of dinner, as the dark night gathers around with a promise of slightly cooler temperatures (at 9:50 PM it's 70 degrees, very unusual)…

And the dishes all in the dishwasher, and yes that is an empty Martini glass on the table even though it is Sunday…

Life is good. IMG_0716.jpg
Mourvedre, Preston of Dry Creek, 2012: strong, assertive, almost mature; sound and interesting
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