Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Soup (encore)

Eastside Road, February 10, 2010—
HERE'S THAT SOUP I wrote about yesterday; we had the rest of it for dinner tonight.

My description of it, yesterday, was pretty sketchy; the soup's good enough that I feel I should tell you how it's made. Lindsey used a recipe she'd clipped from Sunset magazine three years ago (she's been cleaning out the clippings files, along with the freezer, I guess). I found it immediately by Googling "spaghetti soup sunset 2007" — I don't know why the year had stuck in my memory. What I'd forgotten, yesterday, was the spaghetti, of all things — Lindsey used whole-wheat spaghetti — and the red chile flakes, and the lemon juice. I think the lemon juice is especially important in offsetting, thus welding together, the rich meat-and-milk of the stock and the Parmesan.

As an appetizer we had a guacamole I made in my usual way; afterward, the green salad, whose vinaigrette was made with lemon juice rather than the usual vinegar. A very nice supper indeed.
Cheap Pinot grigio


George Mattingly said...

I give up. Both (soup & guacamole) look too good. Onto tomorrow's menu with them!

Charles Shere said...

Nice to be having dinner with you, George!