Friday, February 5, 2010

Dhansaak (reprise)

Eastside Road, February 5, 2010—
AFTER LAST NIGHT a relative fast seemed in order: just my caffe latte for breakfast, no toast; a banana for lunch and a slice of potato pizza we'd brought home last night; a revisit to the Indian lentils of two days ago. It occurs to me you don't know our resources, so here's a look into the pantry.
pantry.jpgTop left, a few flasks and glasses dedicated to such spirits as grappa, Fernet, Genepi, Alpestre, nocino, and the like. Below, the Row of Pulses: lentils, split peas, beans; with such grains as farro to thicken the plot. The Lavazza can is full of apricots I dried last summer. Cannellini next door. To the right, out of sight, several teas and coffees. Below them, various condiments: chutneys, mustards, vinegars, oils, and oddities like canned coconut milk — you never know when you might need it. And on the bottom shelf, bottles we always need: more vinegars, sherry, tequila, more olive oils. Below, out of the photo, another couple of shelves: wines, paper bags, three-liter cans of olive oil.

This is only one corner of the pantry, about four by nine feet. Elsewhere you'll find sugars, flours, marmalade, jams and jellies; salt; honey. And the pots and pans, of course. It's a busy room.

Oh, yes: dinner tonight. We finished the Dhansaak of day before yesterday, and had our green salad afterward.
Nero d'Avola

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