Tuesday, October 2, 2018


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Viale Trastevere, September 29, 2018—

YOU ARE LOOKING into the kitchen of this local trattoria; the specials of the day are listed on the wall; the chef is sitting, resting after the midday service; an attendant reaches for something on a shelf.

Trastevere is full of tourists and students; you hear almost as much English as Italian on the crowded streets, maybe more. This place seems intended for locals, though. The interior looks like modest trattorie we've seen throughout the country. The few other diners we saw this midday — we entered late, a little before two o'clock — were Italian and, I'm pretty sure, Roman.

I had ravioli burro e salvia, ravioli filled with ricotta flavored with sage, served simply with melted butter and chopped sage leaves: a favorite of mine. Everything here was more than satisfactory. I'm sure I've eaten here before, but find no notice of it on this blog. I'm equally sure we'll be back.

     🍷White, della casa.

•Mario's, Via del Moro 53/55, Rome; 📞+39 065803809

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Joan said...

"Mario, via del Moro (Trastevere). Don’t know the address or the phone number, and no one recommended it but the guy who walked in ahead of us, talking to his friend: That other place is more upscale, you know, but this place is comfortable and the price is right. And it was raining, and we were hungry, so we followed them in. It was crowded in the main room; we sat in a side room, under a number of framed drawings artists had left long ago on the table-papers, and thankfully next to a portable stove, because it had been snowing. We had antipasto italiano, spaghetti amitriciana, stracciatella, and baccalà, and it was perfectly ordinary, and perfectly acceptable."
- Roman Letters ;-)