Thursday, March 30, 2017


Santa Rosa, March 29, 2017—

OFFLINE AT THE MOMENT, thus unable to ask Dr. Google what he thinks Bolognese is. At left you see what the laptop's built-in dictionary has to say. (I disagree with the recommended pronunciation.) For my money, Bolognese has to include carrots; in fact I think mirepoix is in order. The herbs must include thyme.

But next week we'll be in a better position to look into these matters. tonight we dined with an old buddy at a favorite place, favorite not especially for the cuisine, which is comfortable and acceptable but not exciting, and certainly not for the wine list, which could offer a more interesting selection by the glass. Favorite for the ambience. Of all things! Usually ambience is the last thing that concerns me. But this dining room is so comfortable, the tables discreetly spaced, the colors muted, the murals ditto but evocative, the service correct and quiet: how could you not want to return?

And so we do. I had carpaccio with arugula, served in a good olive oil; then fettucine alla Bolognese, substantial.

     A Negroni; Zinfandel: Seghesio, 2010

Ca Bianca, 835 2nd Street, Santa Rosa, California; +1 (707) 542-5800

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