Sunday, October 18, 2015


Eastside Road, October 16, 2015—
DON'T KNOW what the origin is; seems Moroccan to me, maybe further east. Here's the recipe, as Cook recounted it to me:

You cook up chopped onions in olive oil, then add crushed garlic and chopped pepper…

Wait. What kind of pepper? Chile pepper?

No, bell pepper, red, or green… then when that's cooked a bit you add the spices, cumin, smoked paprkia, red pepper flakes, salt; and then you add the tomatoes…shakshut cooking.jpg

Then when that's cooked down a bit you add the eggs, and cover the pan, and cook it futher until it's done.

This, I have to say, is a very delicious dish. We had a green salad afterward, of all things. And we had dessert! A new bakery has opened not too far from us, near the pie place on the highway between Forestville and Sebastopol, and Cook had lunch there today with the neighbor down the hill. She brought a Kouign aman, a piece of pear tart, and a canalé home for our dessert tonight. The Kouign aman was quite good though not quite up to the best; ditto the canalé. I'll give them a little more time and try them again, and I bet they'll be better, and then I'll tell you where they are…
Garnacha/Monastrell, Laya (Almansa), Old Vines, 2013
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