Sunday, March 30, 2008

Leftover mac&cheese (delicious)

Macaroni and cheese (see 3/28/08)
Swiss chard
Apple tart


It just gets better a day or two later. I’d forgotten how deep the flavors in Lindsey’s béchamel were, deepened by the Hungarian paprika Anandi had given us a while back. And the texture is improved, if anything, by the reheating, which crisps up edges of the pasta.
Swiss chard: as I mentioned a few weeks ago, it always brings Lindsey’s father to mind. He always had a few plants in his little vegetable garden, and from March until late in the season we never left a visit with him without enough leaves for dinner. Christmas colors; springtime flavors.


Apple tart: well, yes. Buttery.

Louis Preston Sauvingon blanc 2006 

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