Saturday, July 28, 2018

Steak from the grill

IMG 2485
Eastside Road, July 28, 2018—
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THIS IS HOW I handled the London Broil yesterday. I generally prefer to grill a less lean beefsteak; I particularly like tri-tip or chuck — but others lean toward the lean, and why not accommodate?

So on getting it home I salted the steak on both sides, re-wrapped it, and set it in the refrigerator until an hour or two before cooking.

The fire was mixed mesquite charcoal — I like Lazzari — and grape wood, plentiful hereabouts.

I sliced a lemon thin and set the slices on the steak, along with a spray of rosemary, and drizzled oil on top.

The neighbor down the hill suggested covering the steak with aluminum foil, and in truth he'd taken over much of the duty while I moved from grill to bar to make Martinis.

Grilled on both sides, steamed somewhat under its cover, the steak was juicy and tasty. Green salad after, and wild blackberries and our own peaches over vanilla ice cream. It's a good life.

IMG 2718      🍷Red, Ocarosso Cuvée Rosso, nv: simple, a little earthy, a perfect barbecue wine

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