Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Campo Fina


Eastside Road, February 1, 2016—
LUNCH IN TOWN today with the neighbor down the hill, something we try to do every month. I was hungry, for some reason, and decided on a spot I've come to think of as reliable.

It's a nice place. Even on a cold day, you can sit outside under a pergola with efficient heating. The pizza oven does a good job and the cooks know how to use it.

I started out with sweet red peppers stuffed with tuna, served on a bed of arugula — a very happy alternative to an insalata caprese, keeping the Italian tricolor but adding point and substance.

Next, a daily special: "Stromboli." I don't know if this is a staple or a local invention. It's a little odd, I think, particularly for its texture, but it made a nice lunch. A pair of palm-sized calzone, I guess, stuffed with ricotta, chopped salami, red onion, and spinach; served, again, on a bed of arugula. The ricotta was a little runny, almost like a crème fraîche; the result was an Italian stuffed savory pastry with Alsatian overtones.

No dessert: and tonight, just a plate of store-bought ravioli, a carrot, some celery, and a tangerine…

Pinot bianco
•Campo Fina, 330 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg; 707-395-4640
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